Credit Rating



By collecting votes from company vendors, customers, employees, and investors, the system of CorpOnline® automatically generates a rating score for each company and other registered users’ are based on user feedback. This score is shown on each company’s home page with stars.

Unlike other firms that specialize in the delivery of publicly available data, our approach is proprietary and research-based, resulting in the most accurate and actionable shareholder and bondholder intelligence available. CorpOnline’s ability to offer clients a global understanding of their shareholder base is unparalleled.

Credit ratings function like a personal referral: before making an investment decision, you can view comments as well as one- to five-star ratings submitted by other users, with five stars being the best. Credit ratings are displayed in various places on our Web site. Any time you make an investment to a company, you're encouraged to rate the company's performance and leave a short comment.

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