1.What services does CorpOnline® provide?

CorpOnline® aggregates information for all US-listed Chinese companies. You can quickly and easily gather financial information about Chinese companies. You can communicate with management teams directly, and you have the opportunity to initiate due-diligence investigations.

2.Who would benefit from CorpOnline®?

Investors, regulators, analysts, lawyers, consultants, auditors, and brokers, as well as companies seeking business partnerships and customers, would benefit from the information on CorpOnline®.

3.How do the services CorpOnline® provides work for you?

For Chinese companies, CorpOnline® helps you find suitable investors and raise capital. For investors and financial professionals, CorpOnline® assists you in efficiently and effectively understanding publicly traded Chinese companies and make better investment decisions.

4.How do individual users interact with the companies on CorpOnline®?

Individual users can ask questions to the company at the company’s profile page. Investors would be able to ask questions during a road show, conference, or at any time; and the system will track company responses to encourage timely responses.

5.What’s the difference between individual users and company users?

Company users have a customized profile page to exhibit themselves and are charged a fee. Individual users can post questions and view information and can subscribe for free.

6.What does a basic member fee include?

A basic member fee is for setting up a customized company profile page. It includes basic technology support.

7.What will paid company subscribers have access to?

We will recommend the company to the matching-investor list via email, and we will advertise their profile pages.

8.What is an Avatar used for?

Avatars represent individual users and are used in posting questions.

9.What is the mirror image for?

The mirror image is a detailed webpage with all companies’ data found on CorpOnline®. All company users can download the mirror image of the CorpOnline® site and put on their own website under their own brand name. It is a very convenient way for a company to obtain and present financial data on their company’s website.

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