Profile Matching



Based on different companies’ situations and investors’ preferences, CorpOnline® algorithms can match companies to the targeted investors seeking similar investments. Our Market Intelligence database has more than 30,000 investors.

The matching engine is designed to help companies or investors to find some matched companies or investors they are most concerned about by specifying matching keywords or setting predefined matching criterions, such as location, industry category, specialty/needs, rating and customized keywords. Investor can match with other investors based on his/her investment "style" for potential "Events". Matching engine should be able to determine the "Cross" situation.

Investor Targeting

-High quality database: high quality contacts, segments, market capitalization, investing fundamentals and macroeconomic data.

-Innovative peer groups, creating the most complete view of the client, including unique situations.

-Comprehensive buying and selling analysis, identifying historical ownership trends.

-Most advanced targeting algorithms: in-depth screening processes focusing on business, evaluating investments on a fundamental basis to determine optimal investors.

Corporate Analytics

-Situational Analytics: practical examination of a company’s business strategy and special situations that could impact a company’s valuation and market performance.

-Shareholder insights analysis: critical intelligence into expected shareholder reaction enables clients to fully understand what to expect from investors and how to position themselves.

-Dragon Gate China Stocks Monthly Report: monthly report covering all Chinese companies listed on the U.S. stock markets in a concise format, ranking them in terms of the price change, daily volume, and year to date changes, EPS growth change, and market capital. In addition, the history and development information of star companies are provided. View Reports>>

-RFDaino Technical Research Report: monthly report designed to present an analytical observation on China’s stocks listed on the U.S. stock exchanges, featured with technical analyses by the former Managing Director and Global Market Strategist of Citigroup / Smith Barney, Ronald F. Daino. View Reports>>

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