What We Do


The functionalities of include:

-- Customized company homepages: Rather than going to one company’s homepage, some investors prefer to go to a centralized destination to access information across their target companies. On CorpOnline, companies can customize page layouts through a graphical user interface (GUI) and set up their own homepage.

-- News updates: Press releases and regulatory filings are automatically loaded into each company’s homepage.

-- Role based network and market place: Users of CorpOnline can register as Company, Investor, Broker, Analyst, Lawyer, Consultant, Auditor, Regulator or Avatar. Only Company users are paid users. All roles can create events or sell services on CorpOnline.

-- Profile-matching system: Based on different companies’ situations and investors’ preferences, CorpOnline algorithms can match companies to the targeted investors seeking similar investments. Our Market Intelligence database has more than 30,000 investors.

-- Online Roadshow: Issuers can communicate directly with qualified investors through our online roadshow function. During the roadshow, investors and analysts are able to ask questions directly to the management team of the public companies.

-- Master Page Download: all Company users can download the mirror image of all companies’ data of CorpOnline and put on their own website under their own brand name.

-- Credit Rating: By collecting votes from companies’ vendors, customers, employees, and investors, the system of CorpOnline automatically generates a rating score for each company and other registered users based on user feedback. This score is shown on each company’s home page with stars.

-- Chat rooms and forum: CorpOnline provides a "community" for investor communications, facilitating the exchange of investment ideas and recommendations.


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